Manicure with clear polish

Manicure with polishing

Express manicure with polishing

Express manicure with long-lasting polishing

Manicure with long-lasting polishing

Long-lasting polishing (without a manicure)

Nail polishing (without a manicure)

Long-lasting polish removal

Combined manicure 

Combined manicure with polishing

Combined manicure with long-lasting polishing

Natural nail coating with hard gel

Manicure with long-lasting french manicure

Men's manicure

Paraffin bath for hands


14€ (1val.)

15€ (1val.)

17€ (1val.)

15€ (45min.)

22€ (1val.)

28€ (1val.30min.)

18€ (30min.)

6€ (30min.)

6€ (30min.)

16€ (1val.)

19€ (1val.)

30€ (1val.30min.)

50€ (2val.)

35€ (2val.)

15€ (1val.)

10€ (30min.)