Hydradermie Double ionization treatment


Procedure deepens and fastens absorption of the active substances by electrodes and gels. Double ionization helps to absorb positive and negative ions, and substances such as: hyaluronic and amino acid, vitamin C.


  • Moisture increased by 52,2 % (moisturizing gel is used)

  • Lipids increased by 73,3% (nourishing gel is used)

  • Depth of wrinkles is reduced by 49,7% (anti-wrinkle gel is used)

  • Depth of wrinkles is reduced (age logic) by 53,4% (Age Logic gel is used)

  • Nutritional substances in the skin are increased by 75,9% (Age Logic gel is used)

  • Skin fat reduced 88,9% ( cleanser gel is used)

During the procedure, using gentle substances and soft ionization, the skin will be deeply cleaned, moisturized, and calmed- face will glow. Firstly, a special cleansing gel will be applied for particular zones (T zone), for wrinkle-anti-wrinkle gel, for eye zone- under eye gel, for the neck- firming gel, etc. In addition, electrodes will be used to transfer galvanic action, thus skin absorbs useful ingredients. Then, an oxygenic emulsion is applied and gently massaged by an electrode. By alternator stimulation of microcirculation and cell renewal is increased to absorb oxygen. Further, short relaxing hand massage is done. Finally, various masks are applied, according to the skin condition. Procedure has prolonged effect.

Recommendation: course of three procedures, one per week. To maintain the effect, repeat once per month.



Price: 65