Diamond peel treatment



  • Cleans facial skin by vacuuming dirt.

  • Reduces the depth of facial pores, therefore reducing blocking.

  • Removes dead skin cells, thus allowing the skin to breath and ensures better absorption of cosmetic substances.

  • Improves blood and lymph circulation.

  • Reduces wrinkles, smoothes scars and spots, and evens the skin.

  • Increases synthesis of collagen and elastin.



Micro-dermabrasion- facial peel using vacuum system with diamond tips. According to the skin type diamond tips are selected individually. The procedure is painless. Temporary redness may acquire after the procedure.

Recommendation: day after the procedure not to wear makeup, avoid the sun, sun-beds, swimming pools, sauna. The day after the procedure return to the facial skin routine. To achieve the best results the course of three-five procedures every ten days is recommended. A course can be repeated twice per year.



Price: 58 €