Dermatologic treatment


Whether it’s blemishes or discolouration, redness or very dry and atopic skin, Soin Dermatologique provides a highly effective, extremely luxurious range of treatments, soothing and relieving the skin for its best ever appearance. At the heart of every product is a scientific formula, a complex blend of state of the art ingredients. 
Soin Dermatologique gives us a rare gift, the chance to fall in love with our skin again and rediscover its beauty.



Four solutions to four skin conditions.


  • For impure, oily and acne skin. SOIN DERMATOLOGIQUE IMPURETÉS products bring the production of sebum back into balance, freeing the skin of micro-particles and deposits to minimise the chances of inflammation and spots forming. By reducing impurities and excess oil, treated skin is clarified – producing a clear, mattified, and blemish-free complexion.

  • For irritated, red skin with symptoms of couperose. Red, couperose and rosacea skin are all characterised by red patches on the cheeks and nose, caused by poor micro-circulation. SOIN DERMATOLOGIQUE ROUGEURS products are specially formulated to solve the problem of red skin. Our dermatologically tested range is extremely effective in stimulating the microcirculation and strengthening the capillary walls. Redness and irritation are visibly reduced, the skin is soothed and the formation of new redness is prevented.

  • For discoloured, uneven tone and skin brightening. Hyperpigmentation is a distressing condition which can affect any type of skin. It’s caused by an excess of melanin. SOIN DERMATOLOGIQUE PIGMENTATION helps to minimise the effects of hyperpigmentation by diminishing dark spots and brightening the complexion. These luxuriously creamy products with their highly effective ingredients result in a more harmonised, even and illuminated skin tone.

  • For very dry, flaky and irritated skin. Skin needs moisture to stay smooth and supple but retaining moisture can be difficult, especially as skin ages. SOIN DERMATOLOGIQUE SÉCHERESSE helps to solve the problem of very dry skin and symptoms of psoriasis and atopic dermatitis, with rich, hydrating lipid-containing products. These work to stabilises the hydro-lipid barrier, helping to protect the skin from moisture and lipid loss. Intensively hydrating, they reduce itchiness and irritation, moisturize the skin, improve suppleness and leave the skin feeling smooth and silky soft.



Price: 60 €