Natinuel treatments with the Mandelic acid


This is a unique treatment, very gentle but very effective, designed for all skin types.

It can be made before or after exposure to the sun or a solarium, and it is particularly indicated for the treatment of acne also in the active phase, and for irregular hyperpigmentation of the skin. The Mandobionic treatment helps to promote the normalization of skin irritation, to reinforce the skin barrier and rebalance the epidermal cell turnover.

Treatment can be made throughout the year, even in summer, on all skin types, without the risk of skin sensitivity to sunlight and development of unwanted hyperpigmentation. It helps to prevent photo-aging since it makes skin more resilient and less sensitive to UV rays. The treatment is ideal to maintain or regain a healthy skin which is soft, smooth and biologically young. A new skin full of vitality with a uniform and light skin color.


Price : 29 (Peeling with mandelic scrub, mask)

44 (Peeling with mandelic scrub, facial treatment, mask)

50 (Peeling with mandelic scrub, massage, mask)