Mille - luxurious treatment


For those over the age of 40, the skin becomes more sensitive, loose, wrinkles are more pronounced and the stress and unbalanced diet, for example, speed up the ageing process. Therefore, the skin needs more attention, an anti-ageing hydration therapy to get long-lasting results. That’s why we recommend the new Mille treatments that help fight the signs of ageing, have an intense lifting effect, smoothen the skin, provide rejuvenation, renewal and deep hydration. The Mille innovative treatment combines the efficiency of active ingredients that render spectacular results with Maria Galland luxury treatments we are already familiar with. The name of the treatment itself reinforces the fact that Maria Galland brand maintains lofty standards, the brand name appearing on this innovative Mille treatment as well.

This new treatment is based on the efficiency of a new complex, patented in research laboratories in Klosterfrau where Maria Galland products are created. The TOP-C complex counteracts skin ageing and consists of white truffles, 24-carat gold, anti-ageing-peptides and cell activators.

This complex stimulates the mature skin to fight the signs of ageing, so it is recommended to individuals over the age of 40 regardless of skin type. A gift to the skin: luxury and rare ingredients, passion and efficiency. A real delight – An elixir of youth for your skin. The treatment works in 6 directions to minimize the signs of ageing: it has an intense anti-wrinkle lifting effect, smoothens the skin, provides rejuvenation, renewal and deep hydration.


Price: 70 €