Sliming – anti-cellulite massage, body scrub with coffee and wrap


This is a special massage which shapes body lines. Massage helps to remove fat and toxins from the body.  Skin and deep subcutaneous fat tissues will be affected, depending on individual body structure, the degree of cellulite and body fat characteristics.  It does not only improve the metabolism, lymph and the accumulation of water, swellings, removes toxins, but also tones the muscles, stiffens inelastic skin,  effectively reduces cellulite. Massage helps You to cherish the beauty of the body, reduces the vital of problematic areas, improves blood circulation.

After the massage body will be scrubbed with coffee-grounds. It will help skin to stay healthy, fresh, clean, and soft, a skin will be nourished, it will become more elastic. Coffee grounds will remove dead skin cells,  stiffen skin,  raise its tone, improve circulation - this is a great preventative measure to avoid cellulite. If it’s already there - caffeine has the power to melt fat faster and remove it.
After a body scrub, your body will be wrapped in on purpose to keep the 
body warm and let Your skin to absorb the worth of coffee.



Duration: 90-120 min.

Price: 44-58 €