Anti-cellulite treatment with honey and clay cups + body wrapping with the Dead Sea algae


This massage helps women get rid of cellulite. A special technique is designed to improve blood flow and metabolic activation subcutaneous fat layer. Before the massage, performed short shoulder straps, back and waist massage, only after that You‘ll have a massage with honey. Massage ongoing detoxication, rejuvenation, skin cleans, improves lymph and blood circulation. After the treatment the skin is very soft, smooth and clean.

After the massage is performed body wrapping with Dead Sea algae.

A clean, moist skin is coated with Dead Sea mud mask. Coated with mud body is wrapped in a wrap, warmly covered with a towel or sheet for 15 - 20 minutes.

Effect: helps treat cellulite, it neutralizes toxins, tones, nourishes, smoothes, softens the skin and increases its elasticity and tightens it. Dead Sea mud improves blood circulation and skin cell regeneration, detoxifies skin and removes impurities.Also, those algae successfully used not only for skin problems, however for removal of muscle and joint aches and pain.



Duration: 90-120 min.

Price: 50-64 €