Facial treatments with Anna Lotan cosmetics


A face is cleaned by special cooling technique. Healing facial massage is done and antiseptic substances are used to minimize facial pores.


Brightening, Pigmentation Reduction treatment with Vitamin C

First part: facial, neck and décolletage area is cleansed with cleaner milk and tonic. A scrub is used to peel dead facial cells, thus better absorption of other substances. Massage is done using massage cream with a high concentration of vitamin c and calming extract of green tea.

Second part: mask with vitamin c, applied for 15-20minutes. After the mask is cleaned, a protetctive cream is applied.

Results: pigmentation is reduced, skin color is brighter.

Recommendations: the course of three procedures, one per week.


Lymphatic - drainage, compressive therapy + moisturizing facial treatment complex consists of the following services:

1. Lymphatic - drainage, compressive therapy with PHARMACELS POWER-1000  for Your legs (about 15 minutes).

2. Facial cleansing and peeling.

3. Facial massage.

4. Moisturizing facial mask.


Price: 32 - 35 (facial cleansing, masks)

35 - 44 (facial cleansing, massage, masks)

44 (brightening, pigmentation reduction treatment with                        vitamin C)

29 (Lymphatic - drainage, compressive therapy +                                moisturizing facial treatment complex)