Activ'age - beauty activating programme


Treat yourself and your skin to some special moments with visible results. Our three new Activ’age treatments are tailored to your needs. Their highlight: Each Activ’age treatment includes a specially developed beauty ritual with a cooling well-being effect!

Modelling mask treatment. At the heart of this MARIA GALLAND classic treatment, which has proved its value millions of times over, is a deep-action, self-warming mask. Under this, the innovative ingredients of Activ’age take effect square centimetre by square centimetre. Experience the non plus ultra in anti-ageing, with results that you can see and feel!

Thalasso treatment. This refreshing and vitalising treatment is a true sea-energy treatment. It features a professional alga mask which, in combination with the Activ’age ingredients, instantly cools the skin and provides intensive moisture. Experience the sensation of invigorating freshness on your skin!

Cocoon treatment.  In this treatment, everything revolves around well-being and relaxation: The Activ’age pampering treatment envelops the face in a wonderfully soft and cocoon-like foam mask.

Experience moments of absolute well-being – and the stress of everyday life becomes a thing of the past.


Price: 60 € (Modelling mask treatment)


57 € (Thalasso treatment )

43 € (Cocoon treatment)