Classic Full Body Massage



It is one of the oldest forms of health and treatment with a history of several thousand years. It has been widely practised all over the world and this natural form of treatment is one of the most popular massage techniques today. Classic massage is a foundation for many other types of massage.

It is effectively applied for treatment and prevention of many kinds of ailments, for restoring proper bodily functions, strength-ening the immune system and preventing the ageing process. This type of massage is best-known for improving blood and lymph circulation, removing headache, easing strained muscles and reducing muscle pain and fatigue.

Classic massage also activates sweat and oil glands, causing the temperature of skin and deeper tissues to rise and capillaries to dilate. As a result the skin of your body becomes smoother and the metabolism is improved.



Duration: 60-90 min.

Price: 49-74 €