Chocolate massage

Chocolate has many positive features that are useful for our bodies and souls. Chocolate is highly priced and it is even called God’s Food. Massage perfectly works as an antidepressant, which will take your worries away. The scent of chocolate effects like aromatherapy. Cacao oil improves production of serotonin hormone – “happiness hormone”.

Chocolate is irreplaceable for beautiful skin. Chocolate contains substances that nourish, regenerate, moisture, and soften the skin. After massage skin will become unbelievably soft. Chocolate is manufactured relied on researchers of ayurvedic and bio-location. Ayurvedic oils used during therapy, improve absorption of chocolate ingredients. The uniqueness of chocolate massage is a method of triple technique (relaxation, classic, and synchronic).

Natural and ecologic ingredients are used.



Duration: 60 min.

Price: 59 €